End Revenge Porn Hawai'i

"Revenge porn is the worst form of cyber-bullying. It leads to serious psychological conditions, gets victims fired from jobs, and wreaks havoc on personal relationships. The only way to stop it is to prevent it. The only way to prevent it, is to criminalize it."

​- Dr. Holly Jacobs, Cyber Civil Rights Initiative

"As gadgets become smarter, smaller, and faster, acts of technological terror, like revenge porn, become more widespread. We must take a stand, today, to protect people's personal privacy and human dignity.”

​- Kris Coffield, IMUAlliance

“People, including sex-trafficking victims, approached us with stories of abuse, embarrassment, stalking, and coercion. Revenge porn is not only a new form of abuse, but a method of control and retaliation that demands a legal deterrent.”

​- Kathryn Xian, Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery